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Between a Rock and A Grace Place book blog tour

Today, I interrupt the series to bring you an interview with Carol Kent. You will definitely want to read about this her new book Between a Rock and a Grace Place, a seeming impossible situation of her son being imprisoned. If you would like to be in the drawing for a copy of this book, please leave a comment at the end of this post.

Tell us about the Christmas gift you received. How did it help you to find grace in the middle of a seemingly hopeless situation?

Two weeks before Christmas, our doorbell rang at 9:15 p.m. It was dark outside and by the time my husband, Gene, joined me at the front door, we were surprised to find no one there. It was already dark, but my eyes fell on a large, exquisitely wrapped gift. The card on top said, “Mom.” Initially, it felt like a bad joke. Nine years earlier our son, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy had been arrested for murdering his wife’s first husband and he was in prison serving a life-without-the-possibility-of-parole sentence.

However, I am a “Mom” and the package was left on my doorstep, so I opened it. The note appeared to be in my son’s unique handwriting. The note expressed his deep love for me and his gratefulness for what I had done to help him since his arrest. He said a “friend” had helped him deliver the surprise. Opening the box, I discovered a gorgeous russet-colored silk jacket—and it fit me perfectly.

That night, I discovered something new about God and something I had forgotten about myself. He loves to interject divine surprises into our lives. His timing is always perfect, but it had been a while since I had been surprised by joy, wonder, and grace in the middle of one of the tight spots of life. 

How important are contentment and gratitude in finding grace and peace?

My son, Jason, is teaching me that I need to choose contentment and thanksgiving in all things. As an inmate in a maximum-security prison, all of his personal items must fit in one small one-foot-high and one-and a half-feet-deep and two-and-a half feet long steel lockbox. He has learned to live comfortably with very little, which brings him a surprising sense of peace.

When I was visiting him one weekend, I asked how he holds on to hope in the middle of a life-without-the-possibility-of-parole sentence. He said, “Mom, I have a gratitude list. Whenever the clouds of depression try to discouragement, I get out a piece of paper and write down everything I have to be thankful for. I’m thankful I have two parents who will be my advocates for as long as they live. The average number of years a lifer gets visits is five years and then no one comes anymore. I’m also thankful I can be a missionary on a compound that houses up to 1,700 men.”

I’m learning from Jason that I find contentment when I choose to be thankful and when I invest my time in helping other people.

Between a Rock and a Grace Place releases 10 years after your son, Jason, was sentenced to life in a maximum security prison and includes excerpts from Jason’s letters. Can you tell us how he’s doing now?

He has just taken his 8th group of men through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University Course and he will be facilitating a biblical counseling class on marriage and family this fall. He has a prayer group of twelve inmates who fast and pray for the needs of each other and their families. Prison is a depressing, dark, and sad place, but Jason is living for things that will outlast him.

When you received news about Jason’s clemency hearing being denied, how did you respond?

I wailed like a baby, sobbed, felt angry, hurt, and disappointed in God. Then, we saw Jason a day after this devastating news. He was calm and very much at peace. He hugged me as I wept and said, “Mom, this case isn’t about having the best attorney or about having the favor of Florida’s top executive political leaders. If I am ever allowed to walk in freedom in this lifetime, it will be because God miraculously opened a door that was closed.” My son helps me to develop an eternal perspective and that day he comforted me.

As a result of your journey, you and your husband have founded the nonprofit organization Speak Up for Hope. What are the goals of the organization, and how can people get involved?

Our vision: To help inmates and their families adjust to their new normal.
Our mission: We exist to provide hope to inmates and their families through encouragement and resources.

Please go to for a list of practical ways individuals, churches, and organizations can help with specific projects. Our goal is to live out the truth of Prov. 31:8-9: “Speak up for the people who have no voice, for the rights of all the down-and-outers. Speak out for justice. Stand up for the poor and destitute!” 

To purchase Carol’s book, please visit her website at

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  1. The faith required to continue to hope in the face of such trauma glorifies God and is also a gift of grace.

    Thank you both for bringing this book to my attention.

    Be blessed,


  2. Carol,
    Your story is remarkable. I have a friend who faced a similar situation with her son. It is never something you think will happen to your family. My prayers are with you and yours as you walk on this difficult path, but more importantly, my prayers will also be with your son to remain faithful to the call God has placed on him. What an extraordinary mantle he carries as he ministers to the down and out in such harsh conditions. God will surely continue to use him to bring Him Glory and many sons to the faith. God bless you...

  3. Sita Says:

    When I first heard Carol's story on 100 Huntley St., I wrote her a note and her Mom personally responded, the kindest, most thoughtful note. I would love to hear more of how God has been working in her new book. Please enter my name. This quote in the interview from her son spoke to me in a different situation tonight:
    "If I am ever allowed to walk in freedom in this lifetime, it will be because God miraculously opened a door that was closed.”"
    Thank you.

  4. Linda Yezak Says:

    What an incredible story! Thanks for sharing it, Carol.

    Lynn, thanks for posting this. I'd seen Carol's book title on Facebook, and thought it incredibly clever. Now I realize it's the title of an incredible book!

  5. Lynn, thank you for sharing this. Carol, what an amazing story you have to tell of God's grace in your son's life, transforming the tragedy into an opportunity of service and witnessing for the Lord. Jason obviously has a strong faith and is a powerful tool in his contact with those most needing to learn of God's love. Your book sounds very powerful and filled with hope. God bless you!

  6. Carma Dutra Says:

    Thank you Lynn for sharing this story. I felt an enormous spirit of peace as I read your post. I know I will buy the book. Carol's story is a testament to the healing power of Romans 8:28


  7. lynnmosher Says:

    Thank you all for your comments on the book. Bless each you!