Monday, February 7

The Big Show Stopper blog tour

Today, I bring you the blog tour for Ken Dalton’s book The Big Show Stopper, A Pinky and the Bear Mystery. I’m giving one away, so if you’d like to enter, leave a comment at the end of the post.

About the book:

Brady Blackstone, America’s richest and favorite concert performer, dies in a tragic accident while Bear and Flo, along with thousands of northern Nevada’s music lovers, look on in horror.

However, before Bear can maneuver Flo back to their apartment to complete her birthday celebration, they stumble across a clue that makes them question if Brady’s death was an accident.

In The Big Show Stopper, Pinky, a sleazy but successful defense attorney, and Bear, a street-wise ex-bartender, mix madness with mayhem as they meet Brady’s less than grieving widow, a trigger-happy Carson City cop named Ice Conner, travel in first-class luxury with Pinky as he follows a questionable lead to an exotic location, and suffer with Flo in Bear’s old pick up while they drive to another of America’s armpit locations where they discover Brady Blackstone’s killer.

About the author:

Ken Dalton was born in 1938. Unfortunately, Ken was diagnosed with the dreaded polio virus. At the end of World War II, Ken’s family moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming, for a year where he learned how to live through snow blizzards, avoid walking through the large pile of coal in the basement, and survive life as an Army officer’s brat on a base called Fort Warren.

By the age of sixteen, after eleven years of operations, therapy, and braces, Ken’s luck changed dramatically when he met the girl of his dreams at a party. A few years later, they married, produced three wonderful children, and settled into a happy life in southern California.

In 1977, Ken, Arlene, Bob Wiltermood, and his wife Norma, designed, built, and operated a 2000 case winery named Pommeraie Vineyards. They produced award winning Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. However, after Bob died, the winery was sold. Ken and Arlene moved to a hilltop in Healdsburg.

With the winery gone, and time on their hands, Ken and Arlene started to perform with the Camp Rose Players. Twenty years and forty productions later, both are still acting and singing.

Life was good. All Ken had to do was learn some lines and bow when the audience applauded.

Then, ten years ago, in a moment of madness, Ken started to write. His first article was published in Golf Illustrated in August 1996. More golf articles followed in national and regional magazines including Golf Magazine and Fairways and Greens.

After a two-year stint on the County Grand Jury, Ken felt the need to begin his first novel.

Now, after a decade of struggle to learn the craft of writing, Ken has become the publishing world’s latest overnight sensation.

Link for the ebook: Amazon

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Ken’s website:

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3 Responses
  1. Lynn, thanks for offering a giveaway of The Big Show Stopper to the readers of Heading Home.

    For all those who would like to follow along on the book's blog tour, please visit

  2. Flat Says:

    Sounds like a fun read! Thanks for hosting the "blog tour." Blog tour? What an odd notion, but a good way to get exposed to stuff I might not run across otherwise.

  3. Carma Dutra Says:

    This sounds like a visual read. Just reading the review sends all kinds of visions in my head. I hope I win a copy