Thursday, September 16

Blessing Your Enemy

The next verse in our Romans 12 series is verse 14, entitled Bless Your Enemies and written by another cyber friend Teresa Criswell. Be sure to visit Teresa’s blog, Triumphant Victorious Reminders.

“Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.”
~ Romans 12:14 ~

My shift was over. Getting ready to leave, I went into the office area to retrieve my check. As I approached the glass window of the door, I began to knock but stopped suddenly, when I realized that my manager was on the phone. She turned around to give me a look that revealed frustration and yelled, “What do you want?!”

Taken back by her reaction from her body language, face, and words, I stumbled over my words, as the ‘jab’ of her words took me by surprise. I finally said, “I apologize, I didn’t realize you were on the phone. I wanted to pick up my check.”

Suddenly, with great power this petite, thin woman violently opened the heavy door, which then ricocheted off the wall, slammed, and opened again. Frustrated, she had her phone resting between her shoulder and face, as she held the door open with her foot, picking up the pile of checks and, one at a time with extreme motion, shuffling through each one as she threw each one on the desk until she finally found mine.

As she finally found it, she jerked her arm towards me, extending my check towards me and finally said, “Here!” I turned around walking away when I heard an associate say, “Teresa, can you let her know that she has a phone call on line 2.”

I said, with a stunned chuckle, “This probably isn’t a great time to do that.”

Tempted to scream at the top of lungs, I walked outside, looked up at the sky, and through violently gritted teeth, I yelled, “GOD BLESS HER!”

I fought with the agony of wanting to leave. The ‘runner’ in me tried to talk to myself and say, “Get out of there!”

To make matters easier to leave, I worked at a particular restaurant chain in which this store was known to have the highest turnover rate in the whole state. The turnover was mainly due to her lack of ability to manage and coach people. It was quite overwhelming as this woman was someone you didn’t want on your bad side.

That moment, as I released a blessing over her, I had peace, even through the frustration. Within three hours, I realized I had a missed call and a message on my voicemail. Upon checking my voicemail, it was none other than her!

This woman, never known to apologize, was calling me to apologize for the way she acted and pled with me not to leave, explaining to me the events that led to her exploding. At that moment, I realized that the blessing of God that was released over her was also released over me.

I got to see God’s hand of favor and provision work on my behalf as His Word manifested making a way, getting through the uncomfortable situation. To hear her apology made me realize her need of wanting to be understood even through her embarrassing outburst.

I came back that same evening to work my double shift when I was able to hug her, watching God’s love be poured out upon an unlovable person.

Now, I realize this doesn’t happen often, but for me, through this situation, we became close friends and people that I worked with saw another side of this woman that none of us knew existed. It was amazing to see God utilize me to cultivate and experience the way God saw her as His loving embrace began to squeeze His life out of her.

There have been other scenarios in my life where I decided to bless my enemies, and I can confidently say, every time I had peace. I must say, most of the time, I was literally amazed watching the power of God move on my behalf, influencing the heart of the one who was considered my ‘enemy.’

The other times I didn’t see anything on their part change towards me; however, and most importantly, I saw change in my heart as compassion for that person came forth from the Holy Spirit of God.

The power of blessing our enemy is not because we decided to bless someone. It is because we have decided to become obedient to God and His Divine Nature who is The Blesser. We have been equipped to utilize God’s power of blessing over another person as we are able to sow righteous seed, seeing the righteous harvest of life from Almighty God, revealing His glory upon the earth!

I am reminded yet again, that to curse an enemy is to curse oneself; however, to bless an enemy is to bless oneself.

7 Responses
  1. Wow, Teresa, I admire anyone who knows how to bless their enemy. Your post did a great job of showing that task certainly isn't easy, but especially necessary in our walk with the Lord. Sometimes I find the human beings to be so harsh on the outside are the ones that need the most love and understanding.

  2. MTJ Says:

    Hi Lynn/Teresa,

    That is an incredible example of applying scripture in one's life. I believe that the challenge I often face is when my pride and ego are wounded and I'm tempted to lash back in retaliation. This action occurs when I fail to see a situation as an opportunity to bless others because my emotions are more highly valued.

    What I'm learning is that God gives me opportunities to apply and live out His word in my life. This post affirms, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

    Blessings and peace.


  3. Unknown Says:

    Amazing how God works, isn't it? Especially when get out of His way and let Him work through us. Great story! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Thank you Teresa/Lynn for sharing this story, great example how obedience changes everything!!

  5. Beautiful story, Lynn, thanks for sharing.

  6. Lynn

    That is so good. How well do I remember the times when I also was faced with the same type of situation. As a child of God I still face that situation at times while serving Him.

    Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes we need to be reminded.

    May God Bless You as you continue to obey His calling.

  7. Dawn Wilson Says:

    I hope you're writing a book ... great insights.