Tuesday, February 24

Ten I's of Prayer 4

4) Influence

They never locked their back door, or front door for that matter. Whenever you wanted, you could enter Roy and Leah’s house and you would be welcomed with open arms.

Even if you were a stranger, their greeting would be, “Come on in and sit a spell. Glad to see ya. Who sent ya? Anyone we know?”

“Sure. Your son Lee sent me. I’m down on my luck and he said you might be able to help me,” would be a typical response.

Had a need? They would do their best to meet it, giving you of what they had in order to ease your suffering. It was theirs to share, not to hoard it for themselves. It didn’t matter what status you held in life; you would be well received. Your influence on them was merely that God loved you, no matter who you were, so they loved you also and welcomed you into their home. They accepted you in the name of their son, Lee.

Our heavenly Father’s attitude toward us is the same. Paul told the Ephesians that, in Jesus, “we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him.” (Eph. 3:12 NKJV) ‘Access’ in the Greek means admission, approach, or a leading or bringing into the presence of.

You are no stranger to the Father. He loves you and always readily welcomes you into His House…in the Name of His Son, Jesus. Your influence on heaven’s gate is the Name that turns those hinges, swinging wide that door to the Throne Room and bringing you into the presence of the Father.

We come before the Father to make our petitions of Him in the Name of Jesus. Our requests can even be encapsulated into a one-word prayer, which is prayed so often with varying intensity: Jesus!

Because of that Name, you have heavenly influence.

~~Use your influence…Lynn~~
2 Responses
  1. conarnold Says:

    Thank you for your continuing, inspiring posts on prayer, Lynn. What a great reminder that Jesus is our influence when coming before the Father, and that's why we pray in His name!

  2. Marja Says:

    Awesome Lynn, great writing, to the point. I truly appreciate your insights. Thanks a million!