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It is my pleasure today to have this interview with Kathryn Bonner, the author of Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife: He Speaks, Can You Hear Him?

Kathryn, when and how did you first get the inspiration to write “Confessions of a Pastor’s Wife”?

I write about this in the intro of the book. It was literally like a burning bush moment for me. In 2004, God gave me all of the chapter titles all at once. He was literally speaking this book into me! I never expected it! It’s one of the reasons the subtitle is “He Speaks, Can You Hear Him?” I literally ran into my office, grabbed my prayer journal, and began writing all of the chapter titles down as fast as He was delivering them to me.

They came in perfect speed – it was overwhelming and awesome! I stood there in amazement staring at each chapter title - knowing what would be in every single chapter! Of course, immediately thereafter, I began to have all of the feelings of being unable, unworthy, and unqualified to do this work. But it was God who gave it to me and He who made the way for it to be completed.

How did your husband Bruce support your efforts with the book?

Bruce was totally supportive. He was an encourager to me. He prayed for me. He knew that this was something new for me and he enjoyed the process along with me. I think he was rather fascinated with the way that God had spoken this book into me.

Was he at all curious of just how much “confessing” appears in the book?

I’m sure he was a bit, but interestingly enough, he wasn’t asking to read it; he wasn’t asking me what I was writing. I found that interesting, because if it were him writing a book, I know that my curiosity would get to me, I’d want to read each page as it was written. He didn’t do that at all. He just watched me as I wrote, sat back and smiled at it all.

What, in your opinion, will readers find most surprising about the life of a pastor’s wife?

That we are just as human as they are; we make mistakes. I will make more mistakes, certainly not intentionally, just because I am human. I am very honest and candid in sharing my truth, my life, and my confessions of when and how I have messed up, done things the wrong way, and what I’ve learned from it.

I think that they can have certain expectations of who we are as a “pastor’s wife” or who we should be that, in reality, we just aren’t. And yet, they may also find that to be refreshing. I am a leader among women, and enjoy that role, and I am a woman who loves the Lord with every inch of myself and want so badly for the world to love Him as much as I do.

I hope that they find me to be normal, very real, and see that I am trying to walk out my faith the best I can. They may be surprised to note that, in my daily living, I am a bit ditsy. (Okay, maybe that won’t really be surprising!)

What are your plans for the future in the publishing world? Think you have any more books in you?

Oh, yes, there are at least four more to come. I have also written a Bible Study Companion to this book. It’s in the first stages of completion. I have written a guided Biblical Meditation entitled “In The Potter’s Hand,” which is derived from Jeremiah 18:1-5. It is beautiful, profound, and straight from God. It can be found on I am also in the beginning stages of the second book now. This is truly a calling the Lord has placed right in the middle of my heart.

My websites are (based on Isaiah 50:5 “He awakens me morning by morning…) and I am putting together Writers Retreat in September for Christian Women. They can register for this retreat and find out more about this opportunity by going to my website
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  1. Sandra King Says:

    Beautiful. And what's more precious - if we broken ones were all gathered in one giant bouquet, He would recognize each one of us by our individual fragrance.

  2. lynnmosher Says:

    Oh, what a lovely thought, Sandra! Wouldn't that be an extravagant aroma? Thanks so much for the comment. Bless you!

  3. Hello Lynn! :)

    I wanted to take a breather from all of the busyness of the day, and stop by to visit your blog once again, this time leaving a comment to thank you from the depth of my soul for hosting me and my book “Confessions Of A Pastor’s Wife – He Speaks Can You Hear Him?” on your charming blog!

    I feel truly honored by your gift of generosity to host me. I pray that you always hear the voice of our Lord speaking straight into your heart.

    Books, Blogs & Blessings,
    Kathryn Bonner

    Author – Speaker – Life Coach