Monday, August 31

A Music Lesson

In writing musical compositions, the composer will sometimes insert a mark called a “rest.” The dictionary defines a rest as an interval of silence between tones, marked with a symbol. Several signs are used and each one corresponds with a note value to indicate the length of the pause, in other words, a silence of a certain duration.

In the perfection of the composition, the rest must be observed, during which the beat still continues. After the rest, the next note is played right on time and the music resumes. The break is a part of the arrangement; nothing is lacking. On the contrary, interest and attention are heightened.

Each instrument must be played according to the timing and notes written for it for the melody to be evident. Though the composition for each instrument is different, each note written for that instrument must be followed in order for the conductor to orchestrate the harmony.

David knew his compositions needed these pauses, these rest periods, and sprinkled them throughout his psalms. The word is ‘selah,’ which, in Hebrew, means suspension or pause, to lift up or exalt, a technical musical term possibly showing accentuation or interruption.

God writes a composition for each of our lives for His purpose of alignment, direction, and harmony. And in His design of things, a rest is occasionally necessary.

When our lives are interrupted with some conflict, some heartache, it is as the pause in the composition, a break in the rhythm of things, and, if we are attuned and fitting into His timing and His plan, the sweet melody of life will play on. Each trial or anguish has its own length of duration, during which, God continues to conduct the rhythm of our lives. And the beat goes on.

As His instruments, we rest in His timing, His direction, stopping to pay attention to every stroke of His Conductor’s baton and following every note (as every command) of His Composition (His Word). When the hiatus is over, the harmony of life begins once again.

As the music of the composition comes from within an instrument, so the music of life comes from within your soul. The Master Conductor writes the composition then conducts it upon your life. Are you following His Composition or playing your own tune?

The Master Conductor says to you…

“I use only those instruments that are in tune with My great purposes.

“I choose My special instruments and give them the vigorous training that only I know they need. They must become very adept at the music they play. They must practice - practice - practice. Then and only then are they sensitive enough to know the tune I want them to play.

“Beautiful sounds can come only from one that is so completely attuned to My every wish, to each stroke of My baton. The pause for suffering makes very special instruments. They bring beautiful music not only to the ears of others but also to Mine. These are the ones that are very precious to Me.

“You are one of the precious ones. You are a special instrument that is being fine-tuned for great service, to play beautiful music for the Master Conductor.

“My harmony is the sweetest when played on the instruments that lay closest to My feet. And I know that you sit adoringly at My Son’s precious feet - in true worship and praise.”

The greatest joy, success, achievement, and satisfaction can only come when we learn our music lessons and allow God to conduct our lives. That we might make melodious harmony in before His throne.

“All these were under the direction of their father for the music in the house of the Lord.” 1 Chronicles 25:6a NKJV

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  1. Sita Says:

    This poem says it well:
    To God, The Chief Musician
    A Psalm of Andrew
    To God, the Chief Musician

    If life were like music,
    Mine would have many puzzling chords.
    Often chords that are unresolved --
    Until You step in and continue the progressions.
    So often I want to write and perform the music.
    I am so sure I know best.
    But You know better.
    You are teaching me simply to be the music
    That You both compose and perform.

    Patiently You teach.
    Slowly I learn.
    You are the Chief Musician.
    I am Your music.
    Mould me into the chords that please You --
    That ring beautifully in Your ears.
    Then others can see, through me
    What it means to be Your music.
    Play on, Maestro!
    (Author Unknown)

  2. lynnmosher Says:

    Beautiful, Sita! Thanks so much for sharing that with me! I love it! Bless you!

  3. Sheila Deeth Says:

    What a lovely analogy. And there are always rests in great music. The rest resonates, and our lives need His rest.

  4. lynnmosher Says:

    Thanks, dear Sheila! I so appreciate your comments! May the Lord bless you!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Another winner, Lynn. Sita has inspired me to share a poem of my own, about God's wonderful gift of music to us:

    Elaine H. Soerens

    A lovers song, in key of C—
    celestial hymn. I hopefully
    join in refrain, but cannot know
    if I’m in tune or just below.
    More dissonance than harmony.

    Yearning for Him, I voice my plea.
    Lord, how I long to sing of Thee.
    He whispers, yes, my child, I know—
    a lover’s song.

    To Zephaniah, chapter three,
    His Spirit led, and now I see.
    It’s He who sings, so sweet and low,
    healing me in His joyous flow.
    He’s singing in the key of me,
    a lover’s song.

    Thank you so much for your diligence in posting, and thereby reminding me that I am one of HIs chosen instruments and I need to "play."


  6. This is the 2nd article I've read in as many days dealing with rests. Hmmm... maybe I should pay attention! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. Marja Says:

    Thank you Lynn, for sharing your gift with others and inspiring them!! Awesome!

  8. I should look at my life full of lack of syncopation & erratic cadence as a life full of 'meaninful and purposeful' pauses. Thank you for perspective! Why do I needed reminding?

  9. UKViewer Says:

    Lynn, I think that this is a beautiful way of putting the message across.

    I having been hopeless at music or singing or anything musical, try hard to make progress, and eventually might fit into the Orchestra, possibly as Cymbals, making lots of noise at key points in the production. If I am heard, with God's will - I might even receive an ovation.

  10. Toknowhim Says:

    Just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for sharing your favorite verses with us at the Cafe today...


  11. Prodigal Says:

    A beautiful point, beautifully written ... Music is the "mc" in "mcProdigal". You couldn't make the point more poignant that to set it against the backdrop of music.

  12. Lynn

    Beautifully stated. Oh that I may be a instrument to bring Him glory.


  13. T K Says:

    Well said Lynn. When I read "selah" in the Psalms I think not only "pause" but "think about it"!