Tuesday, September 8

09-09-09 is Here!

Join us for a 1-day fundraiser for the Born2Fly Project to stop child sex trafficking: 9,000 people each giving $9 on 9/9/09.

Each year more than a million kids are lured into modern-day slavery where they’re raped for profit 30 or 40 times a night—night after night. Some of them are just 4 years old. Many are right in the U.S. If that makes you angry, here’s what you can do about it.

Most kids are lured into sex slavery because they don’t know the deceptive tactics of traffickers. What if we could warn children and their parents ahead of time? What if we could teach them about the lies traffickers use—and how to stand up against them? The rate of trafficking would drop and millions of kids would never enter the dark world of trafficking.

That’s exactly what the Born2Fly Project is all about: educating kids and their parents about the dangers of trafficking, with the ultimate goal of ending it. The centerpiece of B2F is a wordless book that teaches kids to make wise choices—wordless so we don’t have to translate it into hundreds of languages. A companion curriculum will reinforce the important concepts in the book.

Born to Fly is at the critical moment. The books and curriculum are nearly complete. We need to print these strategic materials and give them to at-risk kids and parents around the world. The 1-day fundraiser will raise money to do that—and prevent millions of kids from being trafficked. Traffickers think kids are commodities. On 9/9/09, tell kids they’re priceless. All it takes is $9.

What you can do:

• Donate: Go to www.born2fly.org and use the Chip-in widget to donate $9.

• Email: Tell 9 people about 09-09-09 and send them to www.born2fly.org.

• Blog: Post about 09-09-09. Include the logo (above) & Chip-in widget (see code below).

• Facebook: Talk about 09-09-09; include the logo and Chip-in widget.

• Twitter: Tweet about it. Follow @09_09_09. Add a Twibbon after you’ve donated: http://bit.ly/xml6t

• Updates: Check Diana Scimone’s blog for the latest: www.dianascimone.com

To place the Chip-in widget onto your blog or Facebook, click the "copy" button on the widget below and paste it where you'd like it to appear.

Twitter: @DianaScimone and @09_09_09

I hope you will consider supporting this awesome ministry.

3 Responses
  1. Thank you, Lynn, for posting this project. Because of your generosity, I am giving to them and praying for them.

    May God richly bless you,


  2. lynnmosher Says:

    Oh, bless your sweet heart! Thank you so much! This brings tears to my eyes! May the Lord bless you immensely!

  3. Carol Says:

    Thankyou Lynn, I wasn't aware this fund raiser existed..