Sunday, December 20

The Night Jesus Was Born

Come along with me and I’ll be your guide for a walk through one night two thousand years ago, a very special night that changed the world…forever.

As you walk along, consider all the things you see, hear, smell, and touch.

First, what do you see?

*As you walk along the trail into Bethlehem, look out over the beautiful fertile hills. Here you’ll see Bethlehem nestled as a quiet little village.

*As darkness begins to swallow up the day, look around quickly. In the surrounding fields, shepherds pasture their flocks. Walk down the dusty streets to enter the little town. You will notice people rushing to find a place to stay; they’ve been summoned here to register for taxation.

*Glance up. The glorious heavens stretch out like a drape of black velvet, poked with holes for the stars to sparkle through like bazillions of twinkling lights, choreographed as a dance of angels with flashlights.

*One divinely-appointed star blazes unusually bright; its brilliance illuminates a lowly stable. Follow the star’s beam to the stable.

As you near the stable, stop to listen!

What do you hear?

*Heavenly songs of praise ascend above the fields, filling the night’s atmosphere with angelic voices.

Now, slowly approach the stable and stand in the entrance. What sounds emanate from within?

*The gentle lowing of the cattle. The bleating of the sheep. The braying of the donkeys.

*Suddenly, the cries of a newborn resonant above all the other sounds.

Step in a ways.

*Listen to the crunch of the straw beneath your feet. Hear the night-time creatures scurry away at your coming. Become aware of the owl hooting his warning of your presence.

Now stop!

What do you smell?

It’s a stable. You know there are odors here! You breathe in the smell of, well, you know.

Okay. What other fragrance is there?

*The aroma of freshly tossed hay.

Step further still into the stable.

*There’s one gentle, sweet smell…that of a newborn baby. The animals gather around to sniff at this strange little wonder now occupying their trough.

A young woman named Mary has just given birth to the Saviour of the world. Swaddling Him lovingly, she placed Him in the trough, and there, the miracle of the manger has taken place.

Join the animals. Lean over the manger.

*Breathe in that precious earthly yet divine scent of an infant.

So, what do you touch?

*Your knees gently lower and rest upon the hay beside the manger.

*You reach out to touch the little, pink fingers protruding from the depths of the manger.

And now…

What do you feel?

As you’ve walked the path to Bethlehem, seen the sights, listened to the sounds, smelled the aromas, and touched the treasures of this night, did it all take your breath away? What do you now feel?

Is your heart now so full that you think it will explode? Look around to make a memory of all you have experienced. Allow them to reside in your heart’s manger. Don’t ever let these images escape your grasp.

May your Christmas be filled with precious memories and a special touch of the Lord’s presence.

10 Responses
  1. susanlani Says:

    That was beautiful, Lynn.

  2. Living Water Says:

    I love your writing on this!

    You have captured the scenes so well, I was able to visualize and walk through the entire event of that glorious day, feel the surrounding and breathe in the aroma, filled with joy overflowing! What a blessing!

    My heart is bowed down before the King as I see the Child in the manger and worship Him.

  3. Sylvia Says:

    So beautiful Lynn - thank you for "taking us there" with your words.

    May we know the joy and wonder and freedom and promise and hope of Jesus' birth.

  4. Sheila Deeth Says:

    Oh, thank you. I love this journey with the senses.

  5. Beautiful post, Lynn. Wonderful descriptions make me feel like I was there!
    Have a most blessed Christmas.
    Thanks again for being a part of the 40 Day Focus!

  6. Jean Wise Says:

    Lynn, you opened the door of my imagination. Thank you for being my tour guide!

  7. Lee Hiller Says:

    Thank you Lynn for the blessed journey. What a glorious message for all to remember the humble birth of Jesus.

  8. Jean Fischer Says:

    Lovely post, Lynn. Thank you, and Merry Christmas.

  9. How soft the hay where He is laid. How tender the skin, soon to carry the scars of my sin. How tiny the hands soon to yield to the nails.

    Thank you Lynn I've not visited here quite like this.

    Thank you Jesus.

  10. Walk Says:

    Thanks for the journey Lynn, may you have a blessed Christmas