Friday, February 19

In My Darkness, You Are My Light

When the clouds of disappointment, heartache, and circumstances roll in to darken our day, what do we do? Whine and complain? Doubt and worry? Question God?

But what does scripture tell us? “Blessed is the people knowing the joyful sound; O Jehovah, they shall walk in the light of Your face.” (Ps. 89:15 Masoretic Text) The ‘joyful sound’ in Hebrew means an acclamation of joy or a battle-cry, especially clangor of trumpets, as an alarm, joy, jubile, loud noise, rejoicing, shout, (high, joyful) sound.

So, what can we conclude? Praise keeps us in the Light!

Therefore, would the opposite be true? Does our lack of praise cause darkness to linger? Or do we still raise our hands in praise and worship when in painful despair? Do we still fall on our knees in the presence of the Lord when in a heart-wrenching trial?

What do you do? When the stream of joy dries up and disappears, do you follow Paul’s words, “Again I say, rejoice!” (Phil. 4:4b NKJV) The one rejoicing unlocks the dam built by negative thoughts, words, and circumstances. S/he waters that dry, rock-bed and joy flows once again, for s/he “will have rivers of living water flowing from his inmost heart.” (John 7:38b Phillips)

Sing any tune, make up any words, but praise your Beloved. Praise the One Who is the Light of the world.

In your darkness, He is your light! Raise your hands in praise and keep the Light on!

7 Responses
  1. I rejoice in the Lord Almighty. What an awesome post. Praise God!

  2. Lorrie Says:

    The joy of the Lord shall be my strength! This post is very timely Lynn. As a matter of fact I think you wrote it just for me :-)

  3. lynnmosher Says:

    Kimberly, Thank you. You are such a sweetheart! You're always so generous and kind to me. May the Lord bless you!

  4. lynnmosher Says:

    Lorrie, The Lord always has at least one special person in mind for my writing. And today was your day! \o/ May the Lord bless you with all you need today!

  5. Excellent advice as always, Lynn! Thank you!

  6. And thanks for donating to The Samaritan's Purse - you're awesome!

  7. Jean Wise Says:

    Lynn, I have always been in awe of Job, who faced so much and what did he do - he worshipped. I know it is easier said than done but praise is the only way. Your post reminded me of this and encouraged me on my walk. Thanks.