Friday, December 3

How Do You Measure a Woman?

Measure defined means a unit or standard of measurement; the extent, dimensions, quantity, of something; any standard of comparison, estimation, or judgment; and so on. Some of the synonyms are model, example, scope, portion, scale, test, pattern, and gauge.

So, how do you measure a woman?

*by how tall she is?
*by the size of her brain?
*by the size of her gloves?
*by the size of her shoes?

Well, yes and no. We, as Christians, usually use Proverbs 31 as the standard against which a woman (or wife) is measured; her worth being far above rubies, so it says.

But how do you measure that?

*By the love for her in the eyes of her family and friends, you can measure how tall she is.
*By the scope of her thoughts, words, and prayers, you can measure the size of her brain.
*By the extent of her giving and doing for others, you can measure the size of her gloves.
*By where and how she walks, you can measure the size of her shoes.

I guess if we went by that, a valuable woman would then be very tall, have a very large head, and have large hands and feet. Well, I know that sounds silly. But not if you apply it spiritually.

I love this quote, “The measure of a woman’s character is not what she gets from her ancestors, but what she leaves her descendents.” ~ unknown

So, how large am I, spiritually that is? How do I measure up to all this? How do I leave my daughter and my sons those values and character that I desire them to have? How do I make my husband and family proud of me and not bring shame to them? How am I an example to others?

To be and do all that is necessary, my life must mirror one pattern, one example, one standard…Jesus

Other than the character traits of Proverbs 31, Paul listed several other traits in his letter to Titus, “The older women likewise, that they be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things - that they admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.” (Titus 2:3-5 NKJV)

All this, plus grace, strength, and faith, was passed on to me by my mother and my grandmother…so what am I leaving to my children? How do they see me? How do others see me? How am I being measured?

What are you passing on to your children? How do others measure you?

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  1. Barbara Says:

    Compassion, caring, respectfulness, truthfulness, love, the ability to chose others over themselves--my children have always soldiered the under dog and I'm proud of that.

  2. MTJ Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    You've shared words that initiate a reflective, analytical, and honest look at my life. The title, How Do You Measure a Woman, is also appropriate for us men. Because it's not character inheritance that defines me, it's how others were able to accurately measure my life.

    Have I lived in such a way that my life points to Jesus Christ as the one I depend, rely and thirst after?

    Is God pleased with my walk?

    These are questions your post elicits from me. But beyond the asking, I must answer them as well.

    "What are you passing on to your children? How do others measure you?" -- I pray that my life leaves behind a legacy of faith that my children and children's children will have as a example for their walk of faith.

    Blessings and peace.


  3. I love that quote!

    And this post gives me an idea for a post. ;)

  4. Marja Says:

    Hhmmm... how do people measure me? I don't know, I'll have to ask :) I hope by faithfulness, honesty, joy and integrity. Great post Lynn, thanks!

  5. lynnmosher Says:

    Hey, Barbara! So glad to see you! Sounds like you've done a great job! You must be a very tall lady! :D Blessings to you!

  6. lynnmosher Says:

    Hey, MTJ! I wrote this piece for another site and I started to change it but changed my mind. You are so right. It fits men and women. Yup, the biggest question God pleased with my walk? Blessings to you! :D

  7. lynnmosher Says:

    Thanks so much, Sandra! I love that quote also! Thanks for stopping by! Bless you! :D

  8. lynnmosher Says:

    Hey, Marja! I think you're very tall! That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it! :D

  9. My favorite blog post this week, so rich, so true. Thank you for this wonderful post, Lynn!

  10. How do you measure a woman? Start from the heart and then go straight to the arms. A heart to love ,honor and respect, to show kindness, faith and purpose. The arms, to hold, to carry to hug and to share.