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Inspired Design blog tour

Sorry, guys! This is strictly a girly book tour. Today, I bring you a blog tour of Inspired Design, written by designer Roxanne Hughes Packham and her 16 year-old daughter Hannah. They will inspire you to create a home that touches the souls of those within.

If you enjoy beautifully photographed interior design books and stories of treasured family traditions, then you will love this one. Be sure to leave a comment at the end of this post as I’m giving one away.

Why did you write Inspired Design with your daughter?

My grandfather (silversmith Allan Adler) passed this love of design to me, so it just seemed a natural to write a book about the design and subsequent use of our homes, infused with family heritage, and that my daughter take a large part of the powerful subject of “the home.”

I also wanted to create a place where we could initiate, create, and complete a project where my daughter, Hannah, could learn alongside me both the practical and ethical implications of a project this size, where all the profits go to a charity that is dear to our hearts, Heart of Hope Ministries, International.

I wanted show her an example of using our talents and gifts for the enjoyment of others, while benefiting others, not ourselves. It wasn't to be pious, but just a fun way to give back and truly make a difference while doing something together that we loved!

What is Inspired Design?

It is a book about three aspects of the home and how its power to touch the souls of those within. Those three aspects are designing for warmth and beauty to nurture others, meaningful touches and gestures to celebrate and honor your loved ones on special occasions and ordinary days, and, lastly, that it is not what we have or do not have that blesses others and changes lives but how we use what we have. It is about incorporating YOUR family heritage, and your unique gifts, into making a beautiful, family home.

Inspired Design has had such a wonderful response, without a traditional publisher, distributor, or agent, why do you think that is?

It resonates in the spirits of women who want to make a positive impact on their families and loved ones. The blessing of word of mouth publicity has really caused this book to sell and touch the hearts of every woman that has read it.

They tell one friend, and so on and so on. For example, Jill Foster, author of Creative Cakes Anyone Can Make, raves, “Your Inspired Design is amazing. I have devoured it, sipping coffee as I have enjoyed reading each page. Your family legacy is depicted in beautiful illustration. Having Hannah's words throughout the book is wonderful.”

We heard that one customer in Coronado, California, has reordered about ten books, each one as a gift for a friend’s birthday, what is it that she finds so touching?

She is someone I have never met, but she said she found it so real, beautiful, and uplifting. She said it has a realistic perspective of touching others with the bonus of spectacular homes and photography. The combination makes her want to give it to all her friends for their birthdays. She loves the blog, InspiredDesign, as well which has weekly tips and suggestions to make others feel special.

I know that a mother-daughter ministry, Inspired 31, has begun along side of Inspired Design, why do you think it has resonated so powerfully?

Especially in this economic climate, so many women are more resolute than ever that their families are the most important thing in their lives and their daughters, or close friends, should be celebrated and cherished. Without exception, our gatherings (3 so far, in it's first 3 months) have attracted hundreds of mother/daughter/sister/friend combinations wanting to come for 2 hours and celebrate what is good, pure, and worthy of praise, especially in each other.

Inspired 31's mission is to teach girls (and now even woman of all ages) to find and follow God's unique path for their lives. We have inspiring speakers and a wonderful positive and uplifting program. We have people inquiring about beginning a chapter in their area in many cities.

Where can we purchase a copy of Inspired Design? Also, we heard this book is helping orphans and teenage girls as well.

Inspired Design makes a perfect gift with so many ideas for making Christmas, or any holiday, more special with all kinds of thoughtful little details.

One hundred percent of the profits of this book go to charities: Heart of Hope, Local Food Pantry, Inspired 31 and more, produced and made 100% in America.

Please visit my web site at InspiredDesignPublications.

If you’d like more opportunities for a free copy, go here to enter.

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