Sunday, March 11

Every Which Way to Pray ~ Review

Hayley and Harley hippo believe they must be close to God to talk to Him and that there are rules to praying, according to Harley’s book, The Rules of Prayer. But the two quickly learn through their friends that the rules are too restrictive. And there really aren’t any rules.

As you all know, I do not do book reviews. However, occasionally, I do offer you book blog tours to make you aware of new books. But I could not resist the invitation of Joyce Meyer’s representative to give a review of Joyce’s first children’s book, Every Which Way to Pray, which was inspired by her adult book, The Power of Simple Prayer.

Just inside the cover of Every Which Way to Pray is an overall look at the whimsical place called Everyday Zoo. The adorable illustrations by Mary Sullivan are expressive and colorful.

The reader is also introduced to the wacky cast of characters that live in Everyday Zoo. Living there are siblings Hayley and Harley hippo and their friends Pouch (a pelican), Sarge (a bear), Midge and Pidge (ostriches who are quite possibly twins), and Miss Bimble (a sheep).

Harley and Hayley think that, in order to be close to God, they must be up high. Skipping through the Everyday Zoo park one day, Harley thinks he sees an angel. Hayley and Harley move closer to find it is only Pouch the pelican sitting on a rooftop.
“I guess that’s not heaven up there, is it?” said Harley disappointed.
“No...but the view is heavenly,” Pouch chuckled.
“At least you’re closer to God up there,” Hayley called out.
“We’ll NEVER get that close to God,” grumbled Harley. “Hippos can’t fly or climb. We’re stuck here on the ground.”
“You don’t have to be high in the sky to be close to God!” Pouch squawked. “That’s what prayer is for!”
Hayley and Harley looked surprised. They had always thought of prayer as hard work. At least, that’s what it said in Harley’s book, The Rules of Prayer.
With the help of their friends, the siblings learn that there really aren’t any rules to prayer and they can talk to God without being in church or dressed in one’s Sunday best, without using holy words or a soft voice.

Pouch tells Hayley and Harley to talk to God like a friend. Sarge tells them prayer is simple. He says they can talk, listen, praise, thank, and ask advice. And then he adds, “It’s got to come from here...your heart.”

Joyce teaches young children a valuable lesson through these lovable and comical characters that one can pray anywhere, any time, and in any way.

*I recommend this book.
**For ages 4-7, but younger ones may also enjoy the pictures and the story.
***The book is available from numerous stores plus Amazon and iTunes for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, as well as through the Joyce Meyer website.

****This product was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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  1. Lovely review, Lynn. Picture books are the best form of art--words and illustrations working together become magic. This one sounds wonderful.

  2. That's wonderful, Lynn! I love Joyce Meyer. Anything she writes is worth reading. Thanks for sharing your review. God bless:)

  3. lynnmosher Says:

    Thank you two so much for your comments. I haven't been feeling well so forgive me for not responding sooner. Bless you!