Sunday, April 1

It Was Noised!

“It was noised that [Jesus]
was in the house.”
(Mark 2:1 KJV)

Traveling about preaching the Good News, Jesus made a trip to Capernaum, as He needed a place to stay, for He had no place to lay His head. (Matt. 8:20 NIV)

The people heard that he had come home.
(Mark 2:1 NIV) In those days, word of mouth was the internet of the day. Passing from one neighbor to another, the excitement grew as the news of His arrival spread quickly through the city. (Mark 2:1 TLB)

“Soon the house where He was staying was so packed with visitors that there wasn’t room for a single person more, not even outside the door.” (Mark 2:2 TLB)

Scholars say this was probably Peter’s house. Filled to capacity. Packed with those who loved Him. Crowded with seekers. Crammed with listeners.

What packs your spiritual house, your heart?

* Is it filled to capacity with all of Jesus, squeezing everything else out?
* Is it so packed with love for Him that it overflows to others?
* Is it crowded with thoughts of seeking Him?
* Is it crammed with listening to Him?

Has it been noised that Jesus is in your house?

12 Responses
  1. Very nice, Lynn. I'm afraid there's probably still a lot of room in my house. But it is filling. And hopefully things are noisy!

    I enjoyed this a lot.

  2. lynnmosher Says:

    Well, your house seems pretty full and noisy to me! LOL Thank you, sweet Carol, for your comments. My heart deeply appreciates it! Bless you!

  3. I hope it is noised about that He resides here with me, but some days it might be quieter than I would like. Great post, Lynn!

  4. I love language and I love the language in your scripture - I so hope it is "noised" in my house. The detail, though, of the cramming with visitors, loved ones - people wanting to hear him - how awesome it would have been to be there, cramming in with the others!

  5. lynnmosher Says:

    LOL I love that, Ceci! I totally understand that! And it's been rumored that He lives at your address! Thanks so much, sweetie! Bless you1

  6. lynnmosher Says:

    Oh, my! I so know that you love language, ML! I always love how you put words together! And I agree. It would have been awesome. I wonder if they stood in line let everyone did the other day for the lottery!!! Thanks, sweetie! Blessings to you!

  7. Sylvia Says:

    Excellent. You've made me think! I love that!

  8. Ol' Tom Says:

    Lynn your guest posting on my blog has made me a follower on my own blog. You are such a blessed creative writer with the ability to bring to life things we take for granted, like you are restoring fine silver from tarnish to sparkling beauty.
    I thank you again for contributing to my blog and making it so much better by doing so.

  9. Denise Says:

    Spending time and praising Him for all His wonderful grace should be a part of our daily routine at home or anywhere (!), and we should be willing to abort what we are doing to give Him first place in every area of our lives; our daily time spent with Him should be exciting and life-changing! :)

    Great post; so glad to be visiting here! :)

    Blessings and hugs,

  10. lynnmosher Says:

    Hey, sweet Sylvia! Thank you so much. I'm always so happy to see you. Blessings to you!

  11. lynnmosher Says:

    Hey, Ol' Tom! I'm so happy to see you! Thank you so much for your kind and generous comment. You bless me. Blessings in return to you!

  12. lynnmosher Says:

    Amen, Denise! So true! I am so honored to have you visit. Any friend of Debbie's is a special friend of mine. Thank you so much for taking time to read and comment. Makes my heart very happy. Blessings to you!