Sunday, March 22

Step Into Your Future

Step Into Your Future: A Women's Guide to Business Success by Rosemary Hossenlopp (Morgan James Publishing)

Business owner, speaker and author, Rosemary Hossenlopp has learned the secret to Business Diva Success. This is the only business plan that aligns head and heart to let you live your business dream. It provides a unique process to unlock your passion and accelerate your business growth.

Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp, MBA, is one of the most dynamic speakers on business success. Audiences call her brilliant and inspiring as she shares her personal journey on becoming a successful small business owner. She has advice for women that no one else has, on how to take your business to the next level.

Rosemary is an expert on the mindset needed for business change. She is the founder of Business Success Plan group and inspires small business owners, professional services consultants and other women leaders to create personal business plans. She makes it easy for business owners to define and execute success plans. Her book on Step Into Your Future: A Businesswoman’s Guide to Success sets the standard for realigning to current market needs.

Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp, consultant, author, and workshop leader is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). She received her B.S. from Oregon State University and M.B.A. from Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California.

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  1. Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for sharing that with us! My mother will probably be interested in this online activity.

    Hey. If you get the opportunity, would you
    mind praying for the prayer requests that are
    on our main page?

    May the Lord bless you and your family!!

    Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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  2. Hi Lynn,

    Love the scripture. We all need guideposts; from heaven and through people here on earth.


    Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp

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    Rosemary Regier-Hossenlopp