Sunday, March 22

Ten I's of Prayer 10

10) Intimacy

Well, we come to the end of our I’s, and I saved the best one for last, at least, I think it’s the best one. Intimacy.

What is intimacy? We think we know. Let’s check and see.

The main definitions of ‘intimacy’ mean a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship with another person or group, an act or expression serving as a token of familiarity, affection, or the like, the quality of being comfortable, warm, or familiar, and privacy especially as suitable to the telling of a secret.

Ooo…don’t you love that?

According to all our words on prayer…

* intercede
* invade
* inspire
* influence
* instruction
* invest
* increase
* impact
* imbue

…none of them will be effective if we do not have an intimate relationship with the Lord.

Though we have virtually perfected our horizontal conversations, we have seriously failed in our Vertical one. Prayer is the development of our personal relationship with the Lord, as our intimate friend.

This spirit-converse can be found only when one retreats to that quiet place, to listen for the intimate whisperings of our precious Lord.

The intimacy of prayer is like a child or grandchild crawling up in your lap just to snuggle with you because he or she loves you. Do you ever crawl up in the Father’s lap just to love on Him? He delights in that, just as you do.

Do you make time to experience this cherished alone-time with the Lord? Or do you merely rush in, lay out your plans and wishes, and rush out again?

No great soul ever grew in intimacy with the Lord on the streets of a busy life, only in the solitude of prayer. When busyness keeps us from hearing the whispers of our Beloved and keeps us too distracted to feel the comfort of His arms and the peace of His words, we will never discover what Mary did as she sat as His feet.

We need to be alone with God, where no outcries of earth intrude, where no ghosts of years past interrupt, where no outside opinions interfere, where no urgency of decisions impede.

Is intimacy with the Lord missing in your life? If you want to know the Lord and grow the fruit of spiritual graces, spend time in His presence, for only then will deep affection blossom, resulting in a richer relationship with Him.

Speaking of prayer, Martin Luther said “to be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”

If I could inject anything into your heart about prayer, it would be this: be still in His presence and listen, guard your heart against intruders, have the right attitude by not being in fear or doubt, or being timid, whiney, or hypocritical, do not take it for granted or leave it out of your daily schedule, claim your inherited rights and privileges in Christ and the promises of the Word, pray for all men, pray for Israel, rely on the Holy Spirit, fast when necessary, pray according to God’s Word and His will, pray in faith, trust, confidence, patience, boldness, and expectation, all in the Name of Jesus, and until you have peace, praising and giving thanks to God at all times.

~~Blessings of intimacy, Lynn~~
6 Responses
  1. Unknown Says:

    "Do you ever crawl up in the Father’s lap just to love on Him? He delights in that, just as you do."

    This is powerful! I love it!
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us today. This was certainly a word for me. I find myself focusing so much on my "work" for the Lord.... that sometimes the "intimate" part slips through the cracks. I certainly pray and will practice having more intimate time with the Lord!

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!


  2. Unknown Says:

    This last post on prayer really hit home with me. Sometimes I let the busyness of life affect my quiet time with the Lord, and I know it impacts my ability to hear Him. I don't know why I struggle some days to just be still. Thankfully those days are fewer than my days spent climbing on to the Lord's lap, but I still get frustrated with myself.

  3. Billy Coffey Says:

    Love that quote by Martin Luther. I have to admit that intimacy with
    God is something I had to work long and hard at. Isn't that just the most ridiculous thing to think? After all, He already knows EVERYTHING about me. So why hide it?

  4. Often, all too often, it is the Holy Spirit groaning within me doing the praying...

    One of my favorite posts on the subject was by Angela, a Sister in Christ...

    "Sometimes I pray in tongues.....the language I speak cannot be defined. It's english, but it just doesn't make alot of sense. If I had to give it an official name, I'd go with "idiotic".

    It sounds a little something like this:

    "Lord.....I'm just......I really don't know......what do I say?.....I'm a moron....I'm sorry for taking up your time for this.....I just don't understand anything....I know You must have created me stupid for a reason, but it's difficult to bear at times.....I'll call You back when I figure out what to say.....Feel free to help me out here, really....ANY TIME!.....I mean it!""

  5. Another beautiful post, Lynn! Thank you so much for sharing the Ten I's of Prayer, which have been such a blessing. Intimacy is something that's easy to neglect yet so important, as you say, for prayer to be effective. I love the thought of crawling into God's lap like my grandchildren climb into mine and say they love me!

  6. Lorrie Says:

    Lynn! I have enjoyed this series on prayer so much. After reading each one I think it's my favorite but I really think this one is! I could relate so much to all that you said. I may have to print this one out for the refrigerator door!
    Very very good ~ thank you.

    ♥U :-D