Friday, May 29

It's a Wonderful Life

We’ve been looking at friends…what is a BFF, what does friend mean, covenant friend gift, and what is hospitality. This is the last in the series. And you’re wondering what the heck It’s a Wonderful Life has to do with this post, right? Well, let’s see.

Jesus said, “I have called you friends.” (John 15:15) If we consider Jesus our friend, do we consider His friends to be our friends? Do we consider how we should treat His friends?

This may give us something to think about. A friend sent my husband an email with what I will loosely call a joke that went something like this: A man died and went to heaven.

When Peter greeted the man at the front gate, the man asked Peter, “What’s the difference between heaven and hell?”

Peter replied, “Come along with me. I’ll show you.”

So, Peter led him to the first room and opened the door. When the man stepped in, he immediately inhaled the great aroma of stew cooking. As he looked around, he saw emaciated and unhappy people standing around a pot of stew and others lying on the floor. The man noticed that all the people had a 36 inch spoon strapped to their arms and, when they dipped their spoon into the stew, they could not bring it to their mouths.

How sad, the man thought, that they are all inhaling the wonderful aroma of this stew and, yet, could not eat the stew because of the long spoon.

Peter then took the man to the next room. Opening the door, the man’s nose detected the same wonderful aroma of stew. However, all the people looked healthy and happy, yet, they all had a 36 inch spoon strapped to their arms.

Why, he wondered. Then he saw it. As each person came to the stew pot, they dipped their spoon into the stew…and fed each other!

Sobering thought, isn’t it?

Do you remember who was called the richest man in Bedford Falls in It’s A Wonderful Life? Nope, it wasn’t crotchety, old Mr. Potter. It was financially-challenged George Bailey.

While the bank examiners and the sheriff search for George, believing he has misappropriated the bank’s $8,000, he wishes he had never been born. After an encounter with Clarence, the second-class wingless angel, George experiences not having been born. After finally coming to the conclusion that he really does want to live, he dashes home.

In the meantime, Mary has spread the word of George’s dilemma with the bank examiners and dozens of townspeople come to his rescue, bringing all the spare change and dollars they can find. As George’s hero brother arrives and raises his glass to toast his big brother, Harry pronounces George the richest man in town.

Why? Because he had so many friends that he had helped.

At the end, George opens the book Clarence has left for him. George reads the inscription Clarence wrote, “Remember, George: no man is a failure who has friends.”

No matter how much money you make during the day, no matter how many deals you close, how many hamburgers you turn, how many diapers you change, how many letters you type, how many garbage cans you empty, how many stocks you trade, or how many patients you treat, at the end of the day, after brushing your teeth, putting on your jammies, pulling back those cozy covers, crawling into that comfy bed, and laying your tired ol’ head on that puffy pillow, the heavenly measurement of your success for the day is not how many zeros you added to your checkbook. It is this:

Did you bless someone today?

At day’s closing, ask yourself…

* Did I love someone?
* Did I encourage someone?
* Did I use my gifts to the Father’s satisfaction?
* Did I make a difference in someone’s life today?
* Did I give willingly and generously, even out of my lack, to meet another’s need?

Would someone call you the richest person in your town?

~~Blessings, Lynn~~
17 Responses
  1. UKViewer Says:

    Great Post Lynn, reminder to all of us that we live for God and for others if he lives in us.

  2. Lynn... I love how God uses your posts to reach us. Thank You Father God.

    Some days I could be better. I think I upset a few people yesterday. I think maybe I was too demanding. Lord, Please help me not be be this way to people. We all need friends.

  3. Unknown Says:

    I love It's a Wonderful Life. It's such a classic... not just because it's a great movie with a great story well told, but because it carries such a powerful message about what really matters in life. Just thinking about it makes me smile. So thanks for the smile!

  4. lynnmosher Says:

    UKViewer, Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to read and comment. You bless me! Be blessed...Lynn

  5. lynnmosher Says:

    Kimberly, what kind words! Thank you so much. I'm honored and blessed! You've made my heart happy! May the Lord bless you!

  6. lynnmosher Says:

    Oh, Katie! Thank you for reading and commenting. That means so much to me. You're such a precious sweetie! You are so right about the movie. It's probably my all-time favorite! Bless you!

  7. Wonderful post, Lynn. You are an inspiration to all of us as you are guided by the Holy Spirit. Thanks.

    Pat Marcantel

  8. lynnmosher Says:

    Pat, I am deeply humbled. Thank you so much for your touching comment. You've really touched my heart. Blessings to you...

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Lynn, It's a Wonderful Life is my all time favorite movie (in black and white NOT technicolor, and yes there's a difference). Your right, the message about friendship and what is important in life is a good reminder no matter what time of year it is.

    I've watched that movie a hundred times and I cry every time. There is something very moving about divine intervention and awakening of self - the kind of awakening that forces you to realize that you are blessed well beyond your circumstances. It's a story that should resonate with all of us.

  10. "Was I a blessing to someone today?" Thanks for this reminder, "Mom" =}. It's not about me; it's all about God and the ones he loves.

    I like puffy pillows, too.

    Blessings, Lucy

  11. lynnmosher Says:

    Nicole, I understand that when the movie came out, it did not do well. It has such a great message for us. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I deeply appreciate it. Blessings to you...

  12. lynnmosher Says:

    LOL! Lucy, you're a hoot! I always appreciate your sweet comments. Thank you so much! Bless you!

  13. Thanks for sharing the great post, Lynn. We all need friends and need to remember to be a good friend to others. You are a good friend in sharing the blessing of your posts and your sweet and caring nature!

  14. Walk Says:

    I know a lady named Lynn who is the richest person on the Net. She must be friends to hundreds known and touched thousands with her words from the Lord. Continue on my friend, for you are indeed a friend of God, I know, He told me.

  15. LisaShaw Says:

    Hello Lynn,

    I found you via my dear sister in Christ Kimberly. I'm so glad that I did because I truly enjoyed your message and the truths it carries. I've also enjoyed taking a look around your beautiful blog. I look forward to visiting again.

    God bless you.

  16. lynnmosher Says:

    Terry, my sweet friend, you always make me feel so good! Your words always encourage me and make me feel very special. Thank you so much for that! I am humbled and honored. May the Lord bless you!

  17. lynnmosher Says:

    Lisa, It's so nice to have you visit my little world here. Thank you for your sweet comment. And thank you to Kimberly for pointing you in this direction! May the Lord bless you!