Saturday, January 24

Has Your Sap Dried Up?

Today, I share with you what the Lord spoke to me at a dark and dry time of my life…

“The trees of the Lord are watered abundantly and are filled with sap.” Psalm 104:16 AMP

“During the long winter months, when nature has seemingly lost all its beauty, life still flows deep within its darkest recesses. The trees appear naked and dead without their leaves and blooms. The ground seems hard and bare without the beauty of flowers and grass. But, in reality, life is ever flowing, ever-present.

It flows in the sap that is deep within the trees. It stirs within the seeds of flowers yet to bloom. Both are quietly at work, waiting for their appointed time to be awakened and spring to life.

Sometimes My people also must endure their long winter months of travail when their fruit seems to have withered and their branches seem bare. But deep within their roots, My Spirit moves with eternal life.

All may seem dark, lost, and devoid of life and beauty, but, in such a life lived with Me, My work still goes on.

Sometimes it must be that My precious ones must endure the darkness in order to see the Light. Then when My Light shines on them, they come to life and begin, once again, to blossom and bear fruit.

Our lives are one - yours and Mine. Therefore, all that is of My nature must pass into yours, if so be that your roots have grown deep within My Son. So, take courage.

Allow My Life to flow through you, especially in the darkest of times, and then all will be yours - love, joy, peace, comfort, hope, strength, power, trust, healing, patience, humility, wisdom, and victory. I watch over you to care for and bless you.”

~~Blessings, Lynn~~
14 Responses
  1. Debbie Says:

    What a timely message during a difficult season in my life. I know there is a purpose and I'm trusting Him. The analogy with the tree is helpful. I want my roots to grow deep within the Son.

  2. lynnmosher Says:

    Debbie, Thank you so much for your comment. I deeply appreciate it. I always try to listen to the Lord's leading on my posts. I was working on something and felt led to post this one. I know the Lord always has someone whose heart He desires to touch and it was you. Whatever you are going through right now, the Lord is right beside you and so am I, praying.

    May the Lord bless you with a special touch of His presence, peace, and comfort.

  3. Sita Says:

    Your words speak such encouragement and hope...and life...thank u..blessings,

  4. Lorrie Says:

    Great word from the Lord! It is nice to remember that just because we can't see anything happening in our life sometimes it doesn't mean that something isn't about to spring forth! We need that hope and the Lord never ever fails us. Thanks Lynn... just beautiful!!

  5. conarnold Says:

    What a beautiful reminder, Lynn! That's what gets me through the winter, thinking about life returning in the spring. It's also what gets me through the hard times in life, knowing that light is deep within my spirit and ready to burst forth again with the joy of life. Thanks for sharing this blessing and encouragement!

  6. Renae Says:

    This is beautiful, Lynn, and so true. I've experienced those long winters in my life, too. But you're right! During those times, God is always at work in the lives of His children. And often, it's not until the winter has passed that we see what He was doing.

    But we can be sure, He is there. Even in the dead of winter.

  7. ~~Devita~~ Says:

    really well written message! Thank you for sharing.

    Bless you dear one.

  8. Amen praise God! Thank you for this post Lynn. Like Debbie, it's a timely message.

  9. Carrie Says:

    Wise words...and a loving, gentle reminder of God's purposes being beyond our ken. Times of winters and deserts...times to praise more, dig deeper, rest in Him. Thank you, Lynn!

  10. Laina Says:

    Beautiful, Lynn. I wrote a poem along these lines . . . sort of, when I was going through I difficult time. I'll have to dig it up and edit it.

    Thanks for the reminder that our sap hasn't dried up! :-)

  11. Marja Says:

    Thanks Lynn, the seasons of our life... the steps of our journey...
    Without changes it would get boring!

  12. Maxine Says:

    Funny, I just wrote about trees on my Nanna's Ref. blog. This is such a good message, Lynn. I have to admit that I have been a bit dried up in recent times, but have a sense of the Lord putting life back in me. For that I'm thankful.

  13. Billy Coffey Says:

    This post was like a nice cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter's day. Thank you, Lynn, that I can always come here and leave a bit happier.

  14. Vicki Says:

    Thank you, Lynn, for this very encouraging post. ♥ ♥ ♥