Friday, January 16

Pity Party, Anyone?

When I first began a monthly column for another site, I wanted the Lord to use each column to speak to the hearts of others, but I had no idea what I was going to write that would be suitable for a first-timer. Puzzlement set in…Oh, Lord, what in the world will I write?

That’s when another one of God’s life lessons hit me, like the V-8 commercial, with a slap in the head!

An off-hand comment, an innocent remark with no ill intentions hidden behind it, was made by someone that referred to me and another person in regard to our writing abilities. The person making the comment believed himself/herself to be more knowledgeable than I am as to the nuts and bolts of grammar and punctuation (which was a distinct possibility), but what he/she said, or actually wrote, made me doubt my ability to write.

How does this relate to you? Well, maybe you’re not a writer but you have another talent, gift, or ministry. What if you know you’re obeying the Father in whatever His calling might be for your life, but you let someone’s comment, whether mean or unintentional, knock your self-confidence out from under you?

Or what if someone’s off-handed remark regarding your weight, your clothes, your hair, your speech, or whatever, causes you to doubt your self-esteem? Do you have a pity party?

I almost did.

The Lord makes me laugh so often…usually at myself. On the day of the comment, one of my devotionals I read in my quiet time was about Joseph. Though not a funny line, I laughed out loud when I read this by an anonymous writer, “Let us remember that if self-pity is allowed to set in, that is the end of us - until it is cast utterly from us.” Don’t you love it when the Lord plants those little tidbits just for your benefit?

The enemy invitor was just about to tempt me into accepting his invitation to a full-blown, two-attendees pity party, with hats, streamers, and balloons, even a big cake, with me as the clown! However, the Holy Spirit acted as a stop-gap. He reined in my emotions and tied them up at the hitching post so I didn’t gallop off in the wrong direction.

As Joseph said to his brothers, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done.” (Gen 50:20 NIV) And as Paul said, “What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Rom. 8:31 NIV)

Though that comment had no evil bent, there are those comments that do. So, when a comment of either unintentional or malicious design is said to or about you, do you accept the enemy’s invitation and attend his pity party, or do you invite the Lord to take over?

Whenever a negative remark comes your way, destroy it before it gets a foothold. Don’t let it cause you to lose your self-esteem or self-confidence. Even if a comment is an innocent one, the enemy will try to use it to bring you down, if you agree with him.

So, how do we stop those remarks from getting under our skin? Remember what Paul wrote to the Corinthians? “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.” (2 Cor. 10:5 NIV)

Don’t accept any pity party invitations!

~~Blessings, Lynn~~
14 Responses
  1. Renae Says:

    Hi Lynn! What a great post, and one we can ALL relate to. Thank you for consistently and faithfully using your gift of writing to encourage the rest of us to live and walk in step with the Lord.

  2. Hi sweet tweeter,

    I SO understand! If people don't complain about one thing, they complain about another. Hmmm. . .Israelites, desert, low on water and food. How many ways are there to cook manna? Grumble, grumble.

    The thing that V8-ed me the most: I am the one who complains, who grumbles! Thanks, Lynn for your obedience to the Lord. :)

    Love, Lucy

  3. Thanks, friend, for the reminder that, in Paul words, we can not even measure ourselves, against ourselves.
    Much less open ourselves to others' measurement of us.
    What we are called to do is dwell in the measurement of our Heavenly Father, who unbelievably sees Jesus when He looks at us.
    That thought just blows me away!
    You're a great friend...thanks for all your prayer and support.

  4. lynnmosher Says:

    Oh, thank you, Renae! Such words of blessing! Blessings in return to you...

  5. lynnmosher Says:

    Lucy, it's so difficult to watch our words. I work at it all the time! Thank you for reading and commenting. You, too, bless me!

  6. lynnmosher Says:

    Well, Jlo, I totally agree with you. It is an awesome thought that the Father sees Jesus in us. But it's so hard to act like Him! I'm sure the Father scratches His head in wonderment! Bless you!

  7. Ms. Says:

    What a great post. My BFF in college and I helped each other out w/pity parties. we would pantomime blowing up a black balloon, tying the knot, adding the string, and handing it to the party goer. Then after a little empathetic listening, we would graciously POP! it for each other. What a great thing sisters in Christ are!

  8. Lorrie Says:

    Oh boy! I'm trying to really watch this. It's incorporated in my 09 resolution. No doubt, things like that hurt us and you hit the nail on head as far as how to deal with it. I can see why God wants us to be careful of offenses. We can't let anything get in the way of what God has called us to do. Thanks Lynn... another gem :-)

  9. Deb Burton Says:

    Such a good thing to keep in mind, Lynn. I had a naysayer on my Facebook account, but he kept it impersonal so I didn't feel slighted. But the day may come when i have to contend with something like that, and I hope to remember your words of wisdom!

  10. Marja Says:

    Great words Lynn, yet another post I can relate to... I am learning to recognize when the pity party is trying to come in and I politely but firmly close the door in his face.

  11. conarnold Says:

    This is another great post, Lynn. I love the way you express yourself and offer valuable lessons from your experience combined with scripture! Thanks for sharing the answer to something we often face.

  12. lynnmosher Says:

    Ms, what a cool idea! I love that. I may have to store that away in the back of my mind. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it. Blessings to you...

  13. lynnmosher Says:

    Lorrie, thanks for being a faithful follower. I deeply appreciate your comments. You so bless me. Blessings...

  14. lynnmosher Says:

    Deb, So glad the comment was kept impersonal. Thanks for sharing your time with me and leaving a comment. You make my heart happy! Blessings to you...