Monday, January 19

When the Morning Stars Sang

“…when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” Job 38:7 NKJV

Though most scholars say the “morning stars” in this verse were probably angelic beings, other scriptures tell us that the celestial bodies do indeed declare the glory of God.

How? The stars not only show forth God’s handiwork in the universe, as they shine forth in the darkness, but also “sing praises”! David tells us in Psalms 148:3 (NKJV), “Praise Him, all you stars of light!” The Hebrew word for ‘praise’ here is ‘halal,’ which means to boast, celebrate, glory, and sing (praise).

According to a report by BBC News science correspondent Pallab Ghosh on October 23, 2008, scientists recorded the sound of three stars. (You can read the article here.)

The article reported that the team working on this project found that, for the first time, the sounds enabled them to gather information about the inner working or processes of the stars. Each star has its own individual sound, depending on its “age, size, and chemical composition.” The sound of each star they recorded indicated what is occurring inside the star and that “the entire star is pulsating.”

God spoke and all matter came alive at the sound of His voice, at His Word. All matter contains molecules, and, within those molecules, atoms flow and circulate in resonation.
The dictionary says ‘resonance’ is a resounding, a reinforcing and prolonging of sound by reflection, to pulsate with the same frequency as the source.

Does the fact that the stars pulsate with sound strike you as awesome? It sure does me! The outward sounds, or singing, reveal that they resonate with the same frequency as their Source.

Within that matter is God’s voice imprint, still to this day, resonating in the entire universe, within every molecule, every atom, and every cell of every created thing – plants, animals, planets, sun, moon, stars, mankind, everything. His Word never dies, for the Bible says, “the word of God which lives and abides forever…the word of the Lord remains forever,” (1 Peter 1:23, 25 Received Greek Text) whether that Word is His written Word or His spoken Word. It is still alive.

The living, breathing Word of God is eternal and gives “life and breath and all things to all.” (Acts 17:25 RGT)

Just as the stars, each of us has our own individual sound, depending “age, size, and chemical composition” as the result of what is occurring inside of us, pulsating with the same frequency as our Source.

One day, as I praised the Lord in my prayer time, He whispered to my heart, “This is the way to My heart, to My throne, to My Living Room!” Wow! My praise brings me into the Living space where He abides, where He is seated in the Throne Room. My praise connects me to that alive space of power around Him, the space full of Eternal Life! This is where I resonate with the same frequency as the Creator of the universe.

Has God’s Word been created in your heart? Is there a resonance and reflection of its inner working in your heart? Does your heart sing with praise to its Maker?

Sing any tune, make up any words, but sing to your Beloved. Sing the praises of the One Who deserves them. It will make a difference in your attitude and in your circumstances. You will resonate with the same frequency as your Source.

~~Blessings, Lynn~~
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  1. Walk Says:

    Think how God's stars here on earth, His people, could change this world if we would pulsate His praise every day. "If you lift Me up I will draw all men to me" (Walk translation).

  2. wow Love the concept of the stars singing. My background is science and it makes my heart skip when I see God shine through in the sciences. He has always been there but so many don't see Him in the hard sciences. Gotta love a God like that! Jean Wise

  3. Jack Brown Says:

    Wow Lynne thanks for the reminder.
    Our God is great.

  4. conarnold Says:

    I love this, Lynn, thanks for sharing it! Everyone and everything should be singing praise to their Creator, and what a privilege to be able to join in that great song!

  5. Marja Says:

    I am speechless Lynn, you come up with the coolest stuff. And yes, I do sing for my Creator (only when no one can hear me), I do not sound as beuatiful as a star, but I shine like one...
    Phil. 2:15 You must shine among them like stars lighting up the sky
    Thanks Lynn, awesome!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    A friend turned me onto your blog. I enjoyed this post. As one who is trying to find a "voice" on this writing journey I've been called to, I appreciate the thought of pulsating along with my Source. To share that beat with the world is the cry of my heart.

    I'll be back again!
    Lynda aka LubyLu

  7. WORD TINKER Says:

    I love this Lynn. Just letting you know I've got your link on my new editing blog(:

  8. Francine Says:

    Well Lynn ... you were right ... this certainly lifted me up. As you know, I'm a strong believer in the fact that EVERYTHING praises God. You've captured and explained it so beautifully. Thank you for this lovely gift.

  9. I believe that the stars do sing. Scripture says the rocks will cry out if we don’t praise Him. There have been many times that I have wished we could just shut up for one day so that the rocks praise Him, but I don’t think it would sound like what I imagine.

    Something like 20 years ago, Astrophysicist Dr. Fiorella Terenzi aimed the SETI radio telescopes of Socorro, New Mexico at a galaxy naked to the human eye and she used a synthesizer to transform the radiation of galaxy UGC 6697 into discernible frequencies that human ears could hear. Essentially, she discovered that the frequencies heavenly bodies emitted could be related to human ears in the form of gigantic and almost overwhelming music

    Although this “music" is much different than anything that humans would create, Dr. Terenzi analyzed it and realized that although it sounds somewhat random to our ears, it actually represents a complicated system of tonality that is produced by the spiraling nature of this galaxy.

    When one listens to Music of the Galaxies. the recording Dr. Terenzi produced, one cannot help but be staggered by the weight of artistry evident here. The symphonic nature of this galaxy evokes the idea of a million piece orchestra, an orchestra in which no two instruments are alike. Amazing stuff!

    Thanks for your post! Be blessed!

  10. How lovely to think of the stars singing. Perhaps that will be a feature of the New Kingdom, when it arrives. ;-)


    HEART OF A READY WRITER – Reading Through the Bible in 2009

  11. Lorrie Says:

    I wanted to comment on this earlier but I was having some PC issues. I get your posts via email and always love each one. I believe that the stars do sing out and it's grand to think about it. The whole universe gives Him praise and glory! Thanks Lynn... wonderful!!

  12. lynnmosher Says:

    To all of you, I've been a little out of sink even before we lost power. Forgive me that I have not been able to respond to all of you. Each of you is so precious to me and I deeply appreciate your comments. You so bless me! Thank you for taking time to read what I write and commenting. May the Lord bless each of you. Keep dancing...Lynn

  13. Lynn,

    I didn't know that the stars sing and now that I do, I'll sing to God more often too.

    Love your blog.