Tuesday, April 21

The Master of the Forest

Today, I share with you my heart, something the Lord gave me…

When my heart felt as if it had been punctured by the thorns of my circumstances, I cried out before the God of the universe for help. And in return, He whispered this to my heart…

“My precious child, your life is like a forest. Understand this parable…

One day, the Forest Master decided to take a walk in one of His favorite little forests.

At the sight of her coming Master, the little forest shook in awe, bowing low in honor, and said, “Master, am I pleasing to You?”

The Master replied, “You are a very pleasant and aromatic forest, but your splendid trees have no room in which to stretch out their limbs and roots. They are undernourished and spindly from lack of the sun. Decaying debris litters the floor of your grove, making it difficult for beautiful, new seedlings to grow beneath your branches. I cannot walk through My favorite little forest; the path is obscured. I wish to make you an extraordinary and sweet-smelling forest. I will send help to beautify your temple.”

“O, Master, I wish to be most beautiful for You. How will You do it?”

But, alas, the Master of the forest did not answer her.

One day, the sky blackened and a furious whirlwind pounded against the timbers of the little forest. Twisting funnels of fury whipped through her boughs. Flashing thunderbolts struck at the heart of her home, sparking a blaze that destroyed all her debris and threatened her existence.

The little forest cried out, “O, Master, where have You gone? I thought You were going to make me more beautiful. I am now broken and singed in places that once blossomed with beauty. I am in anguish in this heat. O, dampen these smoldering embers before I am reduced to ashes. Please, put me back together.”

The Forest Master answered, “I wish you to glorify your Maker in the fire. I sent My ministering servants as flames of cleansing because I love you with the greatest of love. Now, I will extinguish your blazes.”

Then, heaven’s reservoir opened its sluice gates and released a torrential downpour, quenching the burning flames.

The little forest cried, “O, Master, help me. The drenching rains are washing away all that is left of me.”

“The waters will not overwhelm you,” He promised. “I will rebuild the ruined places and replant that which has been made desolate. You will flourish abundantly, for My glory and for the benefit of others.”

“O, Master,” said the little forest, “I did not understand your reasoning, but now I do. Thank You. Because of Your goodness, now I will be a fragrant, thriving forest, pleasing to my Master, bringing glory to You and pleasure to others.”

Though the very core of the little forest had been challenged, the cleaving afflictions had cut a swath for a new, meandering trail for her Master to take long, leisurely walks through her grove and converse with His favorite little forest.

In time, as each night wrapped its darkness around the little forest, the moon streamed through her leaves, illuminating her path and leaving puddles of light on her soft, mossy floor as stepping stones. In each morning’s light, the sun filtered through her limbs, enlightening a boundless display of her sweet, fragrant blossoms that had begun to grow beneath her limbs.

The little forest came to appreciate that her Master knew what was best for her and loved her unconditionally. A closer bond developed between the little forest and her Master and she flourished under His guidance and care. She knew that whatever happened to her was all for her Master’s glory and the service of others.”

The Lord says to you as He said to me, “You have been in the furnace of affliction and I now release you to show others that they, too, may be set free. I have not let the flames settle upon you though they have burned brightly around you.

All you have lost is what My fire has burned away - your dross. The fires of My love for You have made purer. I wish you to be holy in My sight. My holy fires burn brightest in those that truly love Me and wish to follow only My leading.

I have burned away those things that have stood in the way of your serving Me with your whole heart.”

“Do you not understand that you must go through the deep waters? I will hold them back, but you must trust Me to do so.”

The Word says, “We went through fire and water, but You brought us to a place of great abundance.” (Ps. 66:12 NLT)

May your life be lived for the glory of the Master and the service of others. May you know that the Lord is with you…through it all.

~~Blessing, Lynn~~
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Lynn this scripture in Psalm is one of my favorites! I have it as my default on my myspace right now! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Carrie Says:

    Lovely, and how true! His cleansing makes HIM more visible in us!

  3. Billy Coffey Says:

    Truly an amazing story, Lynn. You bless me every time I visit. Sometimes I come here without a smile, but I never leave without one.

  4. Sharon Ball Says:

    This is a great story for me to remember when I pass through the fire. Thank you for sharing it, Lynn.

  5. Kaye Says:

    Very encouraging! Thank you so much for sharing this story :)

  6. MistiPearl Says:

    Lynn, I am always amazed and greatly encouraged by how the Holy Spirit speaks with such sweet wisdom through the words you write! Smiles and blessings to your day my sister!

  7. It's been awhile since I have come by. I have been busy...

    I am so glad that I came by this morning to read this. It is sooooo encouraging. You are so blessed of the Lord sister.

    We may need to cross post this on WeUsed2bu. It's a beautiful story of hope and trust..

    I will email you soon.

    much love..

  8. Lynn, it is astonishing how you are speaking to me, with this post. This reminds me of why we go through fire.

  9. conarnold Says:

    Lynn, thank you for this beautiful post and the inspiration it provides. The Lord truly speaks through you to our hearts with valuable lessons!

  10. Lynn,
    This is so lovely. Full of truth. A real definition of beauty. May I have your permission to use it in an upcoming talk to Christian women called "Inside Out Beauty." I'll give you credit, of course. :)
    Love and blessings,
    your sister Lucy

  11. This was so beautiful. I really enjoyed thanks for sharing!

  12. Incredible story, Lynn. And very timely. Thank you for posting this today!


  13. Anonymous Says:

    Just beautiful--what a wonderful way to explain how our God works in us. Thank you for such an encouraging word.

  14. Deb Burton Says:

    What a gorgeous story to highlight the blessing of God's providence in our lives. We're limited in what we know or understand, but trusting in the Lord never fails to make us richer and more fulfilled in His presence. Thanks for sharing this, Lynn. Blessings!

  15. judithbailey Says:

    An awesome rendition! As I was reading, God was showing me a beautiful picture. His plan is always for our best! I saw the fire, the cleansing, the purifying. I saw the smouldering, the ashes, the death. I saw the emptiness, the void. I saw the purifying light, the pathway being cleared. The ashes being turned into beauty. The freshness, the newness coming to life. His awesome glory being made known!

  16. Walk Says:

    Thanks, my friend, for listening to your creator and giving us the words He inspires in you.

  17. How beautiful the feet of those who bring news of His goodness! I am so thankful to have made your acquaintance sister Lynn. This is profound truth that has been revealed in a new way. Same truth.. just the Spirit using you to help us grasp a deeper understanding. Thank you for hearing Him and obediently putting this to words and sharing.
    God Bless you

  18. Love it. This also reminds me in a way of Hosea 2:14.

    I have an award for you, I just love your heart for Him, it shows in everything you here in cyberspace. You can pick it up at http://thesurrenderedscribe.blogspot.com

  19. Julie Abel Says:

    Lynn- this brought such a blessed assurance for my day today. Thank you friend!

  20. Stargazer Says:

    Your parable is wonderful. Thanks. A Christian friend of mine has a blog that I think you would enjoy:
    All praises to His Name--Jesus.

  21. Sita Says:

    Lynn, I too could see the picture as you skilfully sketched it in and colored it. A beautiful illustration of the refining fire, beauty to ashes. Thanks for sharing this.
    Love, Sita