Sunday, September 18

When Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary guest post

Today, I bring you the retelling of how a precious soul met its Savior, written by my special cyber-friend, Cindee Snider Re. Please be sure to visit her beautiful site (link at the end of the post). Here’s Cindee...

Seventeen years ago, I walked into a McDonald’s with my young son. We ordered lunch, and I picked up the tray, took my son by the hand, choose a booth, and settled in.

Minutes later, chaos reigned. My son refused to sit, refused to be still, refused to eat. He fidgeted and whined and flung a French fry, tore up two napkins and scattered the pieces, and finally climbed across the table, grabbed my iced tea, ripped off the lid, and thrust his hand in deep reaching for the lemon slice. Iced tea erupted across the table and all over my lap.

Overwhelmed and exasperated, I wanted nothing more than to leave the restaurant immediately. I shoved my half-eaten burger in my purse, grabbed a stack of napkins and mopped up the booth, hoisted my squirming son onto my hip, took two steps, and stopped.

There in front of me sat another mom with a table full of well-behaved children, not one or even two, but four little kids, all laughing and talking and smiling and actually enjoying each other’s company.

“How is that possible?” I silently cried. “How can she handle four when I can’t even handle one?” And before I even thought about what I was doing, I crouched beside her table, my son still writhing on my hip, and poured out my heart.

Fast forward seventeen years to a warm June afternoon in a quiet church where I sat listening to my now 18 year old son sing and play guitar in the worship band for his high school graduation.

As the band finished practicing, the run-through of the slide show began and I gasped, “I know that name! Seventeen years ago that graduate’s mom led me to Christ and she doesn’t even know it,” I thought, though she soon would as a tear-filled, joy-filled, embrace-filled moment of recognition ensued.

One ordinary woman in an ordinary restaurant on an ordinary day investing one third of an ordinary hour in another, forever impacted the lives of more than a dozen members of one family across three generations. Why? Because that woman serves an extraordinary God!

That is the awesome, august, almighty power of the risen Christ, the sacred heart of the Great Commission, the amazing blessing of community, and the indescribable legacy of faith that changes the world.

One life touching one life touching one life in ever-expanding circles spreading higher, longer, wider, deeper, farther than we can ever begin to imagine, than we will likely ever understand this side of Heaven. That is the incredible, unbelievable legacy of lived-out faith.

So what does it take to change the world? One ordinary moment filled with One extraordinary God!

Father, may we never be too busy to share Your love, mercy, compassion, and grace with the world – one heart, one life, one family at a time. Amen.

*THANK YOU, Susie VanEerden, for listening with a selfless, compassionate heart as I poured out my own nearly two decades ago. Your eternal legacy is beautiful and profound and farther reaching than you may ever know!

**Hop over and be wowed by Cindee’s beautiful writing on her site Breathe Deeply. You will surely be blessed!

***Do you have a photo of the one that led you to Christ? Here’s mine (it's from 1957)...

9 Responses
  1. Terra Says:

    Beautiful story and good to acknowledge these folks who lead others to Jesus.

  2. Lynn,

    This was such a touching post. I think we often forget that what we see on the outside can be far different from what the inside feels. When I wrote my book, One More Serving, I realized how extraordinary some ordinary people can be just by being ALL that they can be. What a truly special relationship for these 2 women and what a great story.

  3. You just never know when God will touch your heart or who He will use. Good lesson on keeping our minds and hearts open. Wonderful post, Cindee. Thank you for sharing, Lynn.

  4. lynnmosher Says:

    Thanks so much, Terra. So glad you enjoyed Cindee's beautiful story. Blessings!

  5. lynnmosher Says:

    Great comment, Kathy. I'm glad Cindee's story touched you. I'll have to look for your book. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you!

  6. lynnmosher Says:

    So glad you got to read Cindee's story, Ceci. Thanks for commenting. Bless you!

  7. Lynn, THANK YOU for the beautiful opportunity to guest post at Heading Home today. What a blessing! Terra, Kathy and Cecilia, thank you for your kind and encouraging words. God was so gracious to allow Susie's and my paths to cross at her daughter's and my son's highschool graduation -- all the more amazing as my son gave the commencement speech and led the worship band. Susie got to see -- in action -- the incredible legacy of her faith. Such a God moment! Blessings to you!

  8. Thank you, Lynn and Cindee. You gave me much needed encouragement today. More than you might imagine. :-)

  9. lynnmosher Says:

    Flucy-girl, I'm so happy Cindee's story encouraged you. Bless you!