Monday, April 11

Give the Lady a Ride book tour

Today, it is with great pleasure that I bring you the synopsis of a brand new book written by my friend Linda Yezak. It is entitled Give the Lady a Ride.

If you’re looking for a Christian fiction, contemporary romance with great reminders to trust in God and His will, this book fits the bill. It will take you for a great and fun ride!

God Cares

In the backstory of my novel, Give the Lady a Ride, Patricia Talbert’s husband had married her for the sole purpose of having access to her dad, a United States senator from New York.

Kent Talbert wanted the political edge to further his own aspirations. Four years later, on the day she filed for divorce on the grounds of infidelity, he cruelly made sure she knew this. “Without your father, you’re just another rich girl.”

Then, before the divorce was finalized, he was killed in an automobile accident.

Now five years a widow, she has a chance for a new start–for love, for a life outside her father’s political world. But it’s frightening. What if it were true? What if she really was nothing apart from her New York roots? Can her newly renewed faith help her find the answers? Soothe her conflicted soul?

In the middle of a restless night, she leaves her bed and goes into the library. Inside, she finds a bible, opens it, and . . .

Believe it or not, this story is actually a light-hearted romance. Yes, Patricia had a rough go at love, but then she inherits a ranch in Texas. Her intent to sell it and get back to New York within four days dissipates when she becomes attracted the foreman, a bull rider.

Talon Carlson is nothing like Kent Talbert, but how can she be sure? To buy time to find out, she issues a challenge: “Teach me to ride bulls.”

As in all romances, there must come a time when the budding relationship is threatened, and mine is no different. I threw some doubt into the mix, a loss of confidence, a misunderstanding. Then, I needed God’s help to get Patricia out of the mire and back on the right track. Unfortunately, all the verses I could think of didn’t quite fit.

Then, I got a prompting. “Go get your Bible.”

Ever get one of those? Just a nudge, an elbow to the spirit. A quiet voice you’re not sure isn’t your own. When you’re nudged, I bet you do what I did–obey.

I got up from my comfy seat and brought my Bible back to my desk–and opened it to the perfect passage for Patricia. It was a verse in Psalms 73 describing David’s grief and foolishness, but acknowledging that God was still with him in spite of himself, and that God would guide him and receive him to glory. Patricia needed to know God had been with her all the years she’d ignored Him and He would guide her to make a right decision.

What a lesson I learned with that gentle nudge! Get this: God cared what happened to a character in my book! He was with me as I was writing, knew I was stumped, and provided the right verse for a fictitious character.

How much more does He care what happens to us? He pays attention to the things we are doing, cares enough to count the hairs on our heads, and knows how to guide us if we let Him. What an amazing God we have!

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6 Responses
  1. Marie Says:

    sounds like an awesome book - and yes...what an ahhhmazing God we have!!

    thanks for all you do to be a BEACON for the LORD!!



  2. Linda Yezak Says:

    Thanks Marie! It is a fun little book. It doesn't provide any deep theological insight, but it's entertaining.

  3. Isn't it so cool that God cares even about one of our fictitious characters? That He can use our writing to not only touch others but to teach us?


  4. Linda Yezak Says:

    Sandy, I was amazed too. It's amazing how deeply He cares for us!

  5. lynnmosher Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Marie! So nice to see you! Hope you'll get the book. Blessings to you!

  6. lynnmosher Says:

    Sandra, didn't you love that part? Thanks for stopping by! Love you!