Tuesday, March 16

Just Like My Daddy

I was a Daddy’s girl. I loved my dad. I loved that I looked like him. He was a great man. A generous man. A godly man, honorable and well-respected. Qualities to be emulated.

I learned a lot from him…just by watching him.

Are you a parent? When you look at your child, do you see yourself, your spouse, or some other family member? Does your child “have” your eyes, your fingers, your build, your hair, your nose, your mouth?

Who does your child act like? Does he or she “have” your mannerisms, talents, same interests, and so on as you or your spouse? Then that child is like its parent, in the same manner, the same character. Just a smaller version.

Do you have a little boy who wants to imitate and pattern everything after his father – walk like him, talk like him, act like him? Does he follow Daddy around like a little shadow? The same is true of little girls wanting to mimic their mothers. Little kids love to imitate. That’s how they learn.

The Father says we are His family, His sons and daughters, “I will be a Father to you, and you will be sons and daughters to Me, says the Lord Almighty.” (2 Cor. 6:18 RGT)

When God looks at you, what does He see? He sees you as His child, made in His own image. If He made us all in His likeness, then we must put on His behavior and act like Him. We are His Name’s sake, His family.

Paul told the Romans, “For God, in His foreknowledge, chose them to bear the family likeness of His Son, that He might be the eldest of a family of many brothers. He chose them long ago; when the time came He called them, He made them righteous in His sight, and then lifted them to the splendour of life as His own sons.” (Rom. 8:28-30 Phillips)

He told the Ephesians, “Therefore be imitators of God [copy Him and follow His example], as well-beloved children [imitate their father].” (Eph. 5:1 Amp)

Just like our Brother Jesus copied His Father, we are to be like our Heavenly Father. Do what He does. Walk like He walks. Say what He says. Be what He is.

Only by close interaction and contact with the parent will a child pick up the same habits, tendencies, and character of the parent. And so it is with us. To learn to be like God and His Son, we must be constantly in His presence, following Him around like a little shadow. (Or is that in His shadow?)

The Father desires His children to learn of Him, to listen to Him, to obey Him, and just to be with Him. But until we sit at the feet of the Source of Peace, we will not resemble the Father of Peace or our Brother, the Prince of Peace. This is true with all the other qualities of God.

I want to be like my heavenly Daddy. In order to do that, I need to keep my eyes on Him, watching His every move.

Years ago, Amy Grant sang a song entitled Her Father’s Eyes. This last part is my prayer...

On that day when we will pay for all the deeds we’ve done
Good and bad they’ll all be had to see by everyone
And when you’re called to stand and tell just what you saw in me
More than anything I know, I want your words to be…

She had her father’s eyes, her father’s eyes
Eyes that found the good in things when good was not around
Eyes that found the source of help when help would not be found
Eyes full of compassion, seein’ every pain
Knowin’ what you’re goin’ through and feelin’ it the same.

~Yes, Lord, may I have Your eyes to see the needs of others, their pain, unrest, and confusion, and may I be Your hands of comfort and strength to lift them up, Your lips to give Your words of encouragement, Your ears to listen to them, Your shoulder on which they may lean, Your feet to walk with them, and Your heart of compassion to offer what they need. Amen!

8 Responses
  1. Shelley Says:

    What a great post and reminder to emulate our Heavenly Father :o) - something I am seeing lately that I need to do more of, rather than focusing on myself and trying to act/be how the world thinks I should be.

  2. M. Scle Says:

    I just felt your post very heart touching and it seemed that you love your dad a lot. It was a very emotional post by you and i best part of it was that you have prepared it very well.

  3. Billy Coffey Says:

    I loved this, Miss Lynn. I don't think I ever began to learn about God until I had kids. To know that what I feel for them can't even compare to what He feels for me is a great source of strength.

  4. We adopted both our children, so they don't have "look-alike or act-alike" genes. That made raising them an extra challenge, especially since they both have ADD, one has depressive tendencies, and the other has OCD.

    But I just found a poster that my oldest daughter made for Mother's Day last year. She wrote a poem that included lines like, "You are my role model and my best friend" and "You make me feel good about who I am--well, you have to because who I am is just like you, at least the good things."

    So I guess it's not so much about genes as it's about following the example of our Parent, Role Model, and Best Friend.

    Beautiful post, dear Lynn.

  5. Dawn Wilson Says:

    What a great post ... thanks for reminding us about our Father's love, and how we need to look more and more like Him.
    (And I adored my Daddy, too.)

  6. Debbie Says:

    This is beautiful Lynn! I believe I am much like my mom. My sister is just like my dad. However, I really desire to be like my Heavenly Father. Spending time with Him and yielding it all to Him is a great start. I love when He works in me and through me to reach touch others. In my humanness I am weak but in Him ...it's unlimited.

    Hugs to you,

  7. Anonymous Says:

    What a beautiful post! And a great reminder of everything the Father does for us.

    I'm subscribing to you via Google Reader and look forward to reading more. :)