Wednesday, December 7

A Child is born...

Today, it is my pleasure to bring you an important post, one from a special cyber-friend, Diana Scimone. She fights diligently for those children who are sold into sex trafficking. She has written a book just are Diana’s words from her site...

“Most kids are lured into sex slavery because they don’t know the deceptive tactics of traffickers. Wherever awareness training takes place, the rate of trafficking plummets. There’s just not enough, nor is it available in the languages of most at-risk kids.

The Born to Fly Project is a strategic 4-stage plan to educate kids, parents, and teachers about the dangers of child trafficking—with the ultimate goal of ending it.

Stage 1: Write a children’s book called Born to Fly, an allegory about the world of child trafficking that teaches kids to make wise choices as they pursue their dreams.

Stage 2: Develop a wordless book based on the Born to Fly storyline and distribute it to kids worldwide. Why wordless? So we don’t have to translate it into hundreds of languages—saving thousands of hours and dollars.

Stage 3: Produce a companion curriculum to teach children the important concepts found in the wordless book, and distribute it to schools, community centers, and NGOs worldwide.

Stage 4: Create multimedia awareness materials including posters, fliers, DVDs, web-based games, etc. to supplement and expand on the B2F message.”

And here is her message...

Christmas is all about One special Child. I’d like to tell you about another child—actually 1 million of them. That’s the number of children who are sold into sex trafficking every year. Some of them are just 4 years old. They’re in your city and mine.

I know, this is not your warm, fuzzy 3-weeks-before-Christmas blog post, but it’s a story that must be told. Lynn has written about this subject before here, here, and here, and to help with my organization, The Born2Fly Project, to stop child trafficking.

Most anti-trafficking organizations rescue kids, which of course is needed, but B2F works to cut off the supply line of kids—by reaching kids before the traffickers do. They do it through an awareness and prevention program that they’re testing in 5 countries right now.

To raise funds for this, B2F has published a delightful e-book for children called Born to Fly: The tale of a dream that would not die. Here's a taste...

"Blossom is in big trouble. Her grandfather warned her not to go beyond the village gates. After all, no caterpillar in Twig Valley has ever ventured there and returned to tell.

For centuries the caterpillars of Twig Valley have lived with a Dark Cloud over the land. For as long as anyone can remember, no caterpillar has ever become a butterfly. In fact, no one thinks about being anything more than a bug that crawls in the dust of the ground.

Until Blossom."

Proceeds from ebook sales go to the Born2Fly Project to stop child trafficking. A companion website,, has games and activities for kids and a free reading guide/curriculum for schools.

You can purchase Born to Fly for Kindle, iPad, Nook, etc. (links are here). (Or download it on the Kindle PC.)

It would be a great Christmas gift for some young child and you’ll be helping to stop child trafficking with every word.

***I pray you will visit and support Diana’s site Born2fly and her blog Diana Scimone.

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  1. Lynn, thank you for this post. A team from our church just returned from ministering in India to trafficked women and children. The stories were heartbreaking but the effects of the ministry there gave much hope. This plague on society exists in this country as well and many children are transported overseas. Thank you to you and Diane for shining a light in a dark corner!

  2. lynnmosher Says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by, Laura. I'm so happy to see you. It is heartbreaking, isn't it? So happy to have your comment. Bless you!

  3. Laura, how wonderful that the team from your church made the trip to the other side of the world to touch these women and children. Your presence, sacrifice, and love must have blessed them immensely.
    Thank you your comment and for reading this post.

  4. Thanks Lynn for this touching post. I just bought my Kindle copy of "Born to Fly". Diane has a wonderful ministry here. God bless you for sharing with us :)

  5. Deborah, thanks so much for you sweet words, for purchasing a copy of Born to Fly for your Kindle, and for liking our Facebook page. I hope you love the book--and that Blossom inspire you to continue dreaming big dreams!

  6. Lynn, I'm so glad you wrote about this. I clicked on over to Diane's website and purchased the book for my Kindle. I'm so glad to bring attention to this horrific practice. I love that she has sections on her site for parents and teachers to discuss with children. I don't know if you knew that I am back working but not in nursing. I am working in a private school working with little children and ...loving it! God is so good.

    Blessings and love,